Solution of pathologies

Solución de patologías

Cement, wood and steel beams degrade over time.
Moisture, parasites, amongst other things, cause their ability to withstand expected loads to decrease, to the point that the beams can break and the structure may collapse.
The EXTEND SYSTEM beam is the fastest and most effective solution to solve these problems.


This especially manifests in the beams of the slabs of buildings due to the constant presence of humidity through fissures that appear in roofs, bathrooms, kitchens, downspouts.

This problem is due to the aluminous cement (CAC-R) used in the manufacture of some joists. This cement sets faster than traditional cements, reducing manufacturing time.

The inadequate manufacturing process causes the overall structure to acquire greater porosity, thereby losing mechanical strength, making it less resistant and more porous, thus jeopardizing the stability of the building.

The EXTEND SYSTEM beam has been designed to offer the best solution for reinforcement and functional replacement in beams, structures and floors affected by aluminosis.


The constant contact of the iron beams with moisture causes oxidation of the beams, which can affect the stability of the building structure.

EXTEND SYSTEM beams are the fastest and easiest system to mount to reinforce and functionally replace rusty beams.


Termites and other parasites affect buildings with wooden beams. Termites weaken the beams and wooden floors and can cause the collapse of the building structure.

Once the anti-termite treatment has been carried out, the EXTEND SYSTEM beams are the best solution for the reinforcement and functional replacement of the beams affected by this problem.


Carbonation is one of the possible problems that is produced by degradation of concrete over time. The corrosion of the reinforcement produces damage to the concrete and reduces the bearing capacity of the affected structural elements.

EXTEND SYSTEM beams are the simplest and most effective solution to achieve a reinforcement of the structure through the functional replacement of the beams affected by carbonation.


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