Applications of the Extend System Beams


The change of use of a building can often mean a redefinition of the structural calculation.

EXTEND SYSTEM makes it possible to reinforce and perform a functional replacement of the beams of buildings affected by a change of use in a fast, simple, safe and reliable way.

Aplicaciones vigas extensibles - solucion patologias

Solution to Pathologies

Cement, wood and steel beams degrade with the passage of time, humidity, parasites and other causes that cause their ability to withstand expected loads to decrease, to the point of breakage of beams and possible collapse of the structure.

Ampliación superficie - Aplicaciones vigas extend system

Expansion of Living Spaces

Homes, offices, factories, warehouses, industrial warehouses, premises with sufficient underused height. (air chambers, high ceilings etc.)

The EXTEND SYSTEM beam has been designed to increase the living area in spaces with sufficient height.


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