It is a system specially designed to reinforce roofs and beams in poor condition. It is used to both replace and to reinforce existing beams

EXTEND SYSTEM beams are used to replace or reinforce beams with:

  • Carbonation
  • Aluminosis
  • Woodworms, parasites and termites
  • Oxidation of iron beams
  • Reinforcement of loads due to change of use

A competent technician must analyze the roofs in question to diagnose the need for repair or reinforcement.

Rehabilitation works and beam reinforcements are often carried out in inhabited houses and in places that are difficult to access with iron, concrete or wooden beams.

The advantages of aluminum are:

  • Adds little weight to the structure
  • Strong material, high strength alloy
  • Easy to maneuver

Concrete and steel beams are very expensive to install. EXTEND SYSTEM beams are made of an aluminum alloy so they weigh very little, approximately a third of what an iron of similar resistance weighs. In addition, being telescopic, they are transported disassembled to the place of their placement.

Technical Suitability Document – DIT (270R / 09)
CE mark

The assembly is very simple:

  • Chipping of the damaged beam base
  • Placement of supports
  • The profiles are assembled telescopically by inserting one piece inside the other and they rest on the supports
  • Retouched with mortar without shrinkage

Assembly video on the web!

It depends on the profile that we must place and on the following factors:

  • Loading
  • Length
  • Inter-axis

And it also depends on the mounting system

  • Beam under beam
  • Beam between beam

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will study your case!

EXTEND SYSTEM is the only system that does not require welding or screws. The profiles are assembled one inside the other in a telescopic way so that they work as a continuous beam. Welds are dangerous and toxic, especially if applied in inhabited buildings.

Yes. Multiple and satisfactory tests have been carried out in the following laboratories:

  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Construction Laboratory of the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Laboratory of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Madrid of the CSIC (DIT)

No. Because they are made of aluminum, The EXTEND SYSTEM beams require no painting or maintenance. We use 6063 aluminum alloy; whose properties are lightness and resistance to corrosion and the passage of time.

EXTEND SYSTEM beams are made up of two or three sections depending on the total length of the beam to be reinforced and the difficulty of access to the location of its placement. Our technicians will advise you on the best solution in each case. You can consult us without commitment.

EXTEND SYSTEM beams must be protected against fire damage in order to comply with the regulations contained in the CTE-DB-SI, in the same way that steel beams must be protected with fire-retardant material.

EXTEND SYSTEM beams consist of two or three pieces.
Using a telescopic system allows for the exact adjustment on site to the desired length.

With the calculation abacus

  1. Enter the inter-axis column
  2. Select the total load to be considered
  3. In the beam length row, determine the length to reinforce
  4. The intersection determines the necessary beam



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