Reinforcements by
Change of use

The change of use of an office building to a home, the change of activity in premises, the transformation of ground floors, parking in commercial premises or homes etc. may, on many occasions, involve a redefinition of structural calculation.
EXTEND SYSTEM allows the beams of buildings affected by a change of use to be reinforced and replaced quickly, easily, safely and reliably.

Reinforcements by
Rehabilitation and renovation

Many buildings affected by the passage of time or pathologies need the reinforcement of the structure.
The EXTEND SYSTEM allows a simple and quick rehabilitation and renovation of the floor slab, achieving, with a simple and quick assembly, a new structure that is totally safe, reliable and solid.

Reinforcements by
Arrowing problem

The deformation of the floor or of the beams by bending can affect the structure of the building.
EXTEND SYSTEM beams functionally reinforce and replace the affected beams and solve deflection problems easily, quickly and safely.


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