Extend beam

It is an extendable aluminum beam formed by tubular profiles with sides of variable thickness. It consists of two or three sections, with the largest section in the center and the other two at the ends. The connection between the different sections is made by simply connecting the pieces together, it does not use welds or screws.


They are the aluminum pieces that are responsible for transmitting the loads from the EXTEND reinforcing beam to the resistant element: wall, girder or pillar. This element is designed to transmit the minimum possible movement, since the support can be considered as a simple joint.


They are fundamental pieces for the behavior of the reinforcement since they are in charge of transmitting the loads of the beams to the walls or resistant element. They are normally made up of threaded rods and resins, or of mechanical fasteners.

Retouched Mortar

It is the filling element that is responsible for transmitting the loads from the floor slab to the reinforcing beams. The space between the new beam and the damaged beam is filled with mortar with hydraulic binders that do not shrink. Special mortar compatible with aluminous cement is used in the finishing of beams with aluminosis.

Mechanical and physical values ​​of the aluminum used in the manufacture of the profiles:

ALEACIÓN EN AW-6063 - DIN:AIMgSi 0,5 F22
a) Specific weight2.700kg/m3
b) Modulus of elasticity69.000 Mpa
c) Sliding module G27.000 N/mm3
d) Rm breaking load215 MPa
e) Elastic limit Rp 0.2190 Mpa
f) Brinell hardness (HB)67
g) Poisson coefficient0,3
h) Coef. incr. temperature2,3 x ·E – 5 mm /(mmK)


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