Extend System

EXTEND SYSTEM is the system of using aluminum telescopic beams to reinforce concrete structures, steel and wooden beams and to expand living spaces.

It is a patented system that provides the simplest, safest and cheapest solution to reinforce ceilings, floor slabs and beams in homes and places with difficult access.

Special extruded aluminum alloy

Extend System is an innovative, strong, light, efficient and sustainable product.

Easy to transport and handle

A system consisting of two or three light weight pieces. Makes for easy transportation and handling.

Simple and quick to assemble

The system has a very simple assembly with an average of 10 beams / day with two assemblers.

Strong and Reliable

EXTEND SYSTEM performs a functional or physical replacement of the affected beams.

Telescopic system for a perfect fit

The system consists of two or three pieces that are adjusted exactly to the desired length.

No welds or screws

The system requires no welds or screws, reducing the risks of fire and mismatch.


EXTEND SYSTEM is competitively priced and affordable.

No maintenance

EXTEND SYSTEM uses an aluminum alloy making it light in weight and resistant to corrosion.


The industrialist does not need the intervention of other experts for the placement of the EXTEND SYSTEM beams. The availability of the beams in stock allows the delivery of EXTEND SYSTEM beams within 24/48 hours


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