Why Extend

Extend is the only system of telescopic aluminum beams used to reinforce structures.Being aluminum, it is lightweight and being telescopic, it is composed of several parts that are assembled tightly.


EXTEND is the only aluminum beam system. It is very light and rust proof. It is made of a special alloy for structures and has the same hardness as the masts of racing sailboats.


  1. Exact fit to the necessary length
  2. Easy transport and handling in difficult places to reach.
  3. No screws or welding required.
  4. No maintenance.
  5. Robust and reliable, standardized system.
  6. Very economical.


The EXTEND system has a patent, utility model, industrial design, DIT Technical Appropriateness Document and a registered trademark.

EXTEND is the only structural reinforcement system that has the “certificate of Conformity of Factory production Control”, mark CE, according to the standard EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011, compulsory for all construction item in Europe according to the AUTOMATIZED (UE) N ° 305/2011 Of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of the Council of 9 March 2011.


EXTEND system guarantees the system robustness. The profiles forming the beams are made by extrusion with approved materials and with maximum quality controls.

Since 1993 it was awarded by the Eduardo Torroja Construction Institute the DIT Technical Approval number 270, updated CTE 2009, DIT 270R/09.

With the entry into force of the Technical Building Code the DIT was renewed in 2009 according to the new requirements, DIT 270R/09.

Download “DIT EXTEND_270R-09” pdf


SÉNETON provides a written guarantee for a period of 10 years of the beams provided.

Being made of aluminum, EXTEND beams require no maintenance and are not degradable.


The EXTEND Patent is special in that the beams are assembled without welding, making its installation non toxic, or not dangerous. This is very important as its main destination is the repair of buildings which are usually inhabited during repairs.


Use and mechanical tests have been conducted on the EXTEND system at the Institute of Construction Science Eduardo Torroja. “DIT” TECHNICAL APPROVAL No. 270 OCTOBER 15 1993, renewed in 2009.

The EXTEND beams and brackets have also been tested in the Materials Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, UPC, and in the materials Laboratory of the Department of Architecture  and Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.